Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creamiest green smoothie ever

Have you heard of green smoothies, tried them and found them disgusting or hard to get used to? Is it the color, the smell, or the texture that turns you off? Or is it in your mind? Perhaps you have decided it looks like swamp and is very unappetizing....

I have never had that problem, but my kids certainly have. So I've had to come up with little tricks to make those more appetizing. At first, it was the color. I figured that if I put frozen raspberries, cherries or strawberries, or a mixed berry blend in their smoothie, the color turned red, pink or burgundy, and that helped. I could "lie" and tell them it was a strawberry smoothie, when in fact I had also put a bunch of kale or collard greens in it. Little by little, they got used to it.

Then one day, I handed them a green looking smoothie that tasted really sweet. Because of the color, my oldest son refused to try it. I kept telling him it tasted really sweet, told him about all the fruits that were in it, but he was categorical: NO!
Then I had his little brother try it, and since he is more willing (at times), he took a big gulp, then another one, then another one... which was convincing enough for my oldest to try it. Much to his surprise, it WAS delicious, and he finished the whole thing in no time. 

Another strategy I have for them is that they have to take a "no thank you bite" of everything that is on their plate. Most of the time, they take that bite and say "no thank you", but on rare occasions, they are pleasantly surprised. This was one of them.

Ever since then, the color hasn't been so much an issue. However, the texture has. So I had to come up with other combinations of foods. Unless you have a Vitamix or a Blendtec, it can be difficult to turn kale into a very smooth drink. I noticed that kale and collard greens are harder than spinach or swiss chard.
Since we have a truckload of swiss chard growing in the backyard, I use it a lot in my smoothies. This recipe is the creamiest I have ever tasted, and the kids love it! So if you are sensitive to texture, try it out! Because of the ingredients, it will fill you up real quick too :) Good option for a healthy breakfast. 

If you are sensitive to color, add some berries in it, or substitute the mango for some berries.

Swiss chard avocado smoothie:

A bunch of swiss chard (as many as you can)
1/2 banana
1/2 avocado
1 cup of frozen or fresh mango
2 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in water (or thrown directly into the blender, but it gets creamier if they have been soaked)

Blend everything until you reach a smooth, creamy texture. You can add more greens, or put a whole banana in it for a richer smoothie, or a sprinkle of stevia for a sweeter taste, but I think the banana and mango make it plenty sweet.


En Francais:

une poignee de cotes de bettes
1/2 banane
1/2 avocat
1 tasse de mangue fraiche ou congelee
2 cs de graines de chia, gonflees dans l'eau pendant la nuit, ou mises direct dans le mixer, mais la texture sera moins cremeuse.
Si vous etes sensibles a la couleur, rajouter des baies, ou remplacer la mangue par des baies our des fraises.


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