Sunday, May 20, 2012

An afternoon at the farm

Remember that post about fresh organic local produce from the farm that I wrote a couple of weeks ago? Well yesterday, I had the opportunity to go visit one of the farms that contributes to the box of fresh produce we get through farm fresh to you.
I was solo with my little one for the weekend, so I had to think of fun things to do with him. I brought a friend alone, and off with drove, for about an hour, up the 210, then the 5, down the 126, and into the orchards on the side of the 126. Thankfully, I had a GPS to guide me, or I would have never found the place. Nestled in the foothills of a beautiful valley filled with thousands of orange trees, this little orchard we went to felt like a stop in time, a little slice of heaven, an afternoon at my grandfather's farm in Switzerland, where all there is to do is chase butterflies, pick fruits from the tree and eat them.

The event was small, the weather was perfect, sunny with a light breeze, the oranges were juicy and delicious and the kids had a blast. We missed the farm talk because we got there too late, but a band was playing when we arrived (guitar, banjo and cello), giving it a country ambience, and upon paying the $5 entrance fee for adults (kids under 12 are free), we were given a big plastic bag and were told to go fill it up with as many oranges as we could fit it. A GREAT deal for a huge bag of organic oranges!

We brought our picnic and sat under the trees, then the kids made bubbles with giant wands and a big bucket or soapy water, and enjoyed making arts and crafts at the crafts table. They came home with their own bird feeder made out of an orange peel.

My friend bought some produce from the farm on our way out, and the kids said they had a great time.

Farm Fresh To You organizes such an event every three weeks, all the way through october. I strongly encourage you to check their website for the calendar of event, and to subscribe to their services and get delicious fresh produce from the farm.

If you use my promotional code and mention my name as your referral source, you get a $10 discount of your first box.

So go ahead, say it: referred by Alexine Thompson, promo code 6164.

See you at the farm this summer?

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