Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Healthy Raw Granola Bars

Look at these beauties I made today! I just think they look so beautiful, so scrumptious, so rich of good for you stuff! I was inspired by this recipe at, and then just kept adding to it. Which means I can't remember exactly the quantities, but I'll try:

1.5 cup raw oat groats (GF)
1.5 cup raw buckwheat
                                                          Grind in S blade food processor until it looks like a fine powder with some residues of oats, which won't grind very finely

1 cup pitted dates
a lot of cinnamon (maybe 1.5 tbsp?)
1/2 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1/2 cup agave syrup
                                                           Add to the food processor and blend until it becomes pasty and sticky. If necessary, add some dates or agave so it sticks together.

That was the base. Then I started adding, and you can do the same with anything you'd like that is raw or dried... Here is what I remember adding:

1/2 cup dried goji berries
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cocoa nibs
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

I added all that and blended just for a little bit so as to keep the pieces intact and not grind it all. I wanted some color :) I think I threw in a bit of flaxseed or hemp oil at the end to moisten it, and a couple tbsp of apple sauce, because it was a bit dry and would crumble when dry.

Then I spread the paste in my dehydrator and turned it on 115 for about 6 hours. If you don't own a dehydrator, you can spread these on a cookie sheet and put in the oven for about 30-45 min at 200 degrees, or even less, if you can. Cut into rectangles or squares before putting in the oven, so that when they are done, you can just pull them apart easily.

Store in a tight container, in you fridge or freezer if you used the dehydrator.

And let me tell you, they are as delicious as they look!

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  1. Sounds yummy, Alexine. I will have to try these. Love your blog!