Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recipes for the 28 to Great girls out there

 Hi fellow "challengees",

If you are reading this, you have probably been reading my dear friend Missy's blog and are feeling super inspired, challenged and amused by her stories. Right? So Missy and I have been "talking" (on Facebook) about needing some more recipes for the challenge, and I have offered to try and create some.

I'm a busy mom and therapist, so I won't be able to blog daily during the challenge, like she does (not that she has more time than me, with 3 kids, geesh! How does she do it???), so I thought I would start by labeling all of the recipes on my blog that I think are challenge friendly.

If you look in the right margin, under labels, you will see a 28toGreatBarre3 label. If you click on it, it will magically take you to all the recipes on my blog that you can cook while on the challenge. Sadie, if you are reading this, and there is anything that is not "Kosher" in my recipes, please let me know, so I can make adjustments :)

A word of caution though: a lot of my salads include fruits, and not all of them include a full protein. It is easy to put less fruits in them, or omit the fruit and replace it with grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, shrimp....
Also, a lot of my salad dressings include agave syrup or maple syrup. I have now started to veer away from agave syrup, as I am not sure how much of a real food it is (how unprocessed it really is). You might want to avoid it and add some salt instead, or just put half the amount of it, or of maple syrup or honey. You can also replace it with one Sadie's dressings or your own. Remember the proportions and try to stay true to the challenge's principles about portion prescription.

I have also just posted a soup recipe that is challenge friendly, for those of you who are freezing and craving some winter comfort food.

Happy Challenge everyone, and thanks to Sadie and Missy and everyone else out there who is challenging and motivating others to be a healthier, stronger you :)

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